My name is Mike. I am married and have a little cocker spaniel blue roan called Archie who seems to rule the roost at home. Before Archie I had a chocolate Labrador named Tess for nearly 16 years, she was a character. I have had dogs since an early age, my father was in the forces and we always seemed to take on all the dogs that were too old from large breeds right down to small ones.

Experience with dogs

I love dogs and always have since an early age. Walking dogs 2 -3 times a day in all weathers has never been a problem so this is why I started Mutt Strutters.

When I'm not dog walking

When I'm not out walking the dogs you will find me either in the kitchen cooking some tasty meals for my wife when she gets back from work or my other passion, on the golf course. I am a very keen golfer so still outside and oh yes still having those long walks, just not with a furry friend.

I also like to do a bit of agility with my dog Archie, I have a few obstacles that I set up in the garden for him so he can blow off a little steam.